Section: New Software and Platforms

L2C and DirectL2C

Participants : Hélène Coullon, Vincent Lanore, Christian Perez, Jérôme Richard.

Functional Description

L2C (http://hlcm.gforge.inria.fr) is a Low Level Component model implementation targeting at use-cases where overhead matters such as High-Performance Computing. L2C does not offer network transparency neither language transparency. Instead, L2C lets the user choose between various kinds of interactions between components, some with ultra low overhead and others that support network transport. L2C is extensible as additional interaction kinds can be added quite easily. L2C currently supports C++, FORTRAN 2013, MPI and CORBA interactions.

DirectL2C is an extension to L2C that enables efficient and consistent reconfiguration of large scale L2C based assemblies. It provides an assembly model enhanced with domains, tranformations, and transformation adapters.