Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year


We completed the implementation of the EvoMove system, an evolving music generation system based on performer moves. The moves are not predefined, they are identified by an evolutionary subspace clustering algorithm that builds on-the-fly move categories. Such a category is created when similar moves are repeated, but it remains flexible in the sense that it can adapt to gradual changes of the moves. A category can also be forgotten when the corresponding moves do not occur any longer. We run working sessions with dancers and record parts of these performances on videos. The first prototype of EvoMove has been tested with the Anou Skan company (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoyfXJx_izpQZi6hD8w5M3A). The system immediately convinced the dancers of its interest and we are now working on the creation of a short play with Claire Lurin, an INSA-Lyon student who is also a semi-professional dancer.


The Beagle team was chosen by the board of the ISAL (International Society For Artificial Life) to organize ECAL 2017, the 14th European Conference on Artificial Life. ECAL is the offical conference of the ISAL on odd years. Organizing ECAL 2017 will confirm the Beagle team as a major player in the international artificial life community and as the domain leader in France.