Section: New Software and Platforms


Artificial Evolution

Functional Description Aevol is a digital genetics model: populations of digital organisms are subjected to a process of selection and variation, which creates a Darwinian dynamics. By modifying the characteristics of selection (e.g. population size, type of environment, environmental variations) or variation (e.g. mutation rates, chromosomal rearrangement rates, types of rearrangements, horizontal transfer), one can study experimentally the impact of these parameters on the structure of the evolved organisms. In particular, since Aevol integrates a precise and realistic model of the genome, it allows for the study of structural variations of the genome (e.g. number of genes, synteny, proportion of coding sequences). The simulation platform comes along with a set of tools for analysing phylogenies and measuring many characteristics of the organisms and populations along evolution. An extension of the model (R-Aevol), integrates an explicit model of the regulation of gene expression, thus allowing for the study of the evolution of gene regulation networks.

  • Participants: Carole Knibbe, Guillaume Beslon, Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas, Bérénice Batut, David Parsons, Vincent Liard, Dusan Misevic and Antoine Frénoy

  • Partners: Insa de Lyon - INSERM - UCBL Lyon 1 - Université Paris-Descartes

  • Contact: Carole Knibbe

  • URL: http://www.aevol.fr/