Section: New Results

High-throughput V(D)J repertoire analysis

Researches on high-throughput V(D)J repertoire analysis started in the group in 2012. We have developed Vidjil, a web platform dedicated to the analysis of lymphocyte populations. Starting from DNA sequences, uploaded by the user, Vidjil identifies and quantifies lymphocyte populations and provides an interactive visualization [21].

In 2016, with our colleagues at Lille hospital, we published two articles in haematological journals to detail our method for the diagnosis [23] and for the follow-up [28] of the acute lymphoblastic leukemia using high-throughput sequencing. Our results also show what those new techniques, together with bioinformatics software, bring in a routine practice. Being a full platform with metadata storage, Vidjil is used on a regular basis by about 20 laboratories around the world. In France, the majority of diagnosis samples from acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients are now analyzed using Vidjil.