Section: New Software and Platforms

Urban noise analysis

  • Authors: Vivien Mallet, Raphael Ventura and Guillaume Cherel

  • Contact: Vivien Mallet

Functional Description

This software merges noise simulations and mobile observations. It can extract a given region of a noise map and filter out the buildings. It extends a previous software for data assimilation of air pollution observations at city scale. This prior software computes the so-called best linear unbiased estimator (BLUE), with a special background error covariance model that depends on the city geometry. The extension for noise introduces special treatments for the errors in mobile observations, and includes more statistical verifications.

The software also comes with a Python module for the management of a large database of mobile noise measurements, especially with many filters relying the observations metadata.

The software finally includes the automatic generation of a report based on intensive measurements in a city district. This report targets participants of crowdsensing experiments.