Section: New Software and Platforms


  • Participants: Vivien Mallet, Gautier Bureau (Medisim), Dominique Chapelle (Medisim), Sébastien Gilles (Medisim) and Philippe Moireau (Medisim)

  • Contact: Vivien Mallet

  • URL: http://verdandi.gforge.inria.fr/

Functional Description

Verdandi is a free and open-source (LGPL) library for data assimilation. It includes various methods for coupling one or several numerical models and observational data. Mainly targeted at large systems arising from the discretization of partial differential equations, the library is devised as generic, which allows for applications in a wide range of problems (biology and medicine, environment, image processing, etc.). Verdandi also includes tools to ease the application of data assimilation, in particular in the management of observations or for a priori uncertainty quantification. Implemented in C++, the library may be used with models implemented in Fortran, C, C++ or Python.