Section: New Software and Platforms

Software of the team

Deducteam develops several kinds of tools or libraries:

  • Proof checkers:

    • Dedukti: proof checker for the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting

    • Sukerujo: extension of Dedukti with syntactic constructions for records, strings, lists, etc.

    • Rainbow: CPF termination certificate verifier

  • Tools for translating into Dedukti's proof format proofs coming from various other provers:

    • Coqine translates Coq proofs

    • Focalide translates Focalize proofs

    • Holide translates OpenTheory proofs (HOL-Light, HOL4, ProofPower)

    • Krajono translates Matita proofs

    • Sigmaid translates ς-calculus

  • Automated theorem provers:

    • iProverModulo: theorem prover based on polarized resolution modulo

    • SuperZenon: extension of Zenon using superdeduction

    • ZenonArith: extension of Zenon using the simplex algorithm for arithmetic

    • ZenonModulo: extension of Zenon using deduction modulo and producing Dedukti proofs

    • Zipperposition: superposition prover featuring arithmetic and induction

    • HOT: automated termination prover for higher-order rewrite systems

    • Archsat: theorem prover using tableaux-like rules with a SAT core

  • Libraries or generation tools:

    • CoLoR: Coq library on rewriting theory and termination

    • Logtk: library for first-order automated reasoning

    • mSat: modular SAT/SMT solver with proof output

    • Moca: generator of construction functions for types with relations on constructors