Section: New Results


A. Assaf, G. Burel, R. Cauderlier, D. Delahaye, G. Dowek, C. Dubois, F. Gilbert, P. Halmagrand, O. Hermant, and R. Saillard, have finished writing a general presentation of the Dedukti system. This paper is submitted for publication.

Under the supervision of P. Halmagrand and G. Burel, D. Pham worked on the conversion of TSTP proof traces, as produced by automated theorem provers such as E, Zipperposition or Vampire, into Dedukti proofs. To that purpose, he modified Zenon modulo so that it reads TSTP files and tries to reprove the proof steps given by the trace.

R. Cauderlier defended his PhD thesis on the translation of programming languages to Dedukti and interoperability of proof systems [11]. He also presented his work on the use of Dedukti for rewriting-based proof transformation [15] and on the translation of FoCaLiZe in Dedukti [16]