Section: New Results

B Method

The B Method is a formal method mainly used in the railway industry to specify and develop safety-critical software. To guarantee the consistency of a B project, one decisive challenge is to show correct a large amount of proof obligations, which are mathematical formulas expressed in a classical set theory extended with a specific type system. To improve automated theorem proving in the B Method, Pierre Halmagrand proposes [17], [12] to use a first-order sequent calculus extended with a polymorphic type system, which is in particular the output proof-format of the tableau-based automated theorem prover Zenon. After stating some modifications of the B syntax and defining a sound elimination of comprehension sets, he proposes a translation of B formulas into a polymorphic first-order logic format. Then, he introduces the typed sequent calculus used by Zenon, and shows that Zenon proofs can be translated to proofs of the initial B formulas in the B proof system.