Creation of the Team: 2015 April 01, updated into Project-Team: 2016 May 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Pascale Minet [Inria, Research Scientist, HDR]

Paul Muhlethaler [Inria, Team leader, Research Scientist, HDR]

Thomas Watteyne [Inria, Research Scientist]


Tengfei Chang [Inria, Postdoctoral Research Engineer]

Ines Khoufi [Inria, Postdoctoral Research Engineer]

Remy Leone [Inria, Postdoctoral Research Engineer, started Feb 2016]

Erwan Livolant [Inria, until Nov 2016]

Malisa Vucinic [Inria, Postdoctoral Research Lead, started Sep 2016]

PhD Students

Nesrine Ben Hassine [Inria]

Younes Bouchaala [Vedecom]

Keoma Brun-Laguna [Inria]

Mohamed Elhadad Or Hadded [ATER Paris V]

Fatma Marzouk [Ensi]

Jonathan Muñoz [Gridbe, CIFRE]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ehsan Ebrahimi Khaleghi [Inria, started May 2016]

Visiting Scientists

Felipe Lalanne [Reseacher, Inria Chile, Chile, visit 19–26 Octobre 2016]

Mario Gerla [Professor, UCLA, USA, visit 31 August - 23 September 10-20 December 2016]

Travis Massey [PhD Student, UC Berkeley, USA, visit 22 July 2016]

Diego Dujovne [Professor, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile, visit 22-31 July 2016]

Carlos Oroza [PhD Student, UC Berkeley, USA, visit 23-29 July 2016]

David Burnett [PhD Student, UC Berkeley, USA, visit 13-15 June 2016]

Branko Kerkez [Professor, U. Michigan, USA, visit 17-22 June 2016]

Steven Glaser [Professor, UC Berkeley, USA, visit 21-25 March 2016]

Filip Barac [PhD Student, Mid Sweden University, Sweden, visit 8-19 February 2016]

Xavi Vilajosana [Professor, UOC/OpenMote, Spain, visit 2-4 February 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Christine Anocq [Inria]


Nadjib Achir [Univ. Paris XIII, Associate Professor, HDR]

Selma Boumerdassi [CNAM, Associate Professor]

Samia Bouzefrane [CNAM, Associate Professor]

Philippe Jacquet [Bell Labs (Alcatel), Division Leader, HDR]

Anis Laouiti [France Telecom, Associate Professor, HDR]

Dana Marinca [Univ. Versailles,Associate Professor]

Nadjib Ait Saadi [Univ. Paris Est, Associate Professor]

Jiangnan Yang [Inria, Internship, Apr-Aug 2016]