Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

H2020 Projects

  • Type: H2020

  • Objective: Design and implement a cloud-based interoperability testing platform for low-power wireless standards.

  • Duration: Nov 2015 - Oct 2017

  • Coordinator: UPMC (FR)

  • Other partners: iMinds (BE), ETSI (FR), EANTC (DE), Mandat International (CH), DigiCat (UK), UL (LU), Inria (FR), Device Gateway (CH)

  • Inria contact: Thomas Watteyne

  • Type: H2020

  • Objective: Security for the IoT

  • Duration: Dec 2015 – Nov 2017

  • Coordinator: UPMC (FR)

  • Other partners: Inria (FR), Synelixis (EL), Smartesting (FR), Unparallel (PT), JRC (BE), Ease Global Market (FR), Odin Solutions (ES)

  • Inria-EVA contact: Thomas Watteyne

Project Reviewing
  • Paul Muhlethaler was reviewer for the E3Network project (E-band transceiver for the backhaul infrastructure of the future networks). The transceiver designed in the E3Network project will use modern digital multi-level modulations to achieve high spectral efficiency. This together with the huge bandwidth will enable high capacities above 10 Gbps.

Collaborations in European Programs, Except H2020

The Inria-EVA team has not participated in non-H2020 European Programs in 2016.

Collaborations with Major European Organizations

  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

  • co-organize two ETSI 6TiSCH plugtests in 2016 (in Paris in February, in Berlin in July).