Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

PY Oudeyer and M Lopes collaborated with Aymar de Rugy, Daniel Cattaert and Florent Paclet (INCIA, CNRS/Univ. Bordeaux) about the design of myoelectric robotic prostheses based on the Poppy platform, and on the design of algorithms for co-adaptation learning between the human user and the prosthesis. This was funded by a PEPS CNRS grant.

D. Roy is the Inria leader of project "Ecole du code" http://www.ecoleducode.net/ which provides teachers and animators formations and learning games to initiate young people to computer science and robotics.

D. Roy is member of the Class'code team (Inria is member of the consortium of this project) https://pixees.fr/classcode/accueil/. Class'code is a blended formation for teachers and animators who aim to initate young people to computer science and robotics. D. Roy has in charge the robotics module of the project.

D. Roy is member of the organization of computer science exhibition in "Palais de la découverte" which will begin on 2017 September for three years. He participates for robotics part.

D. Roy is member of the Scratch Conference (Bordeaux, 2017 July) organization team.

D. Roy is member of the team "Education en Scène" which organize educational activities with robotics in Bordeaux Digital City (2017 July).

D. Roy is member of "CRIC" Project, about Robotics in Vocational Schools, with Canope Ile de France, Lutin Userlab (Cité des SCiences), CNAM.

D. Roy is project leader of Thymio Simulator for Classcode project. Specifications and coordination of work.

D. Roy is project leader of Thymio Scratch and Thymio Snap! development, with D. Sherman. Inria, EPFL and Mobsya collaboration.

Around Robotics for education, many collaborations were put in place. With the LSRO Laboratory from EPFL (Lausanne) and others collaborations with French National Education/Rectorat d'Aquitaine, with Canopé Educational Network, with ESPE (teacher's school) Aquitaine, ESPE Martinique, ESPE Poitiers, National Directorate of Digital Education, Fondation "La Main à la Pâte", Maison for Science in Bordeaux University, Orange Fondation.