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Section: Application Domains

Environmental sciences

The first huge application domain concerns all the sciences that aim at observing the biosphere evolution such as meteorology, climatology or oceanography but also remote sensing study for the monitoring of meteorological events or human activities consequences. For all these domains image analysis is a practical and unique tool to observe, detect, measure, characterize or analyze the evolution of physical parameters over a large domain. The design of generic image processing techniques for all these domains might offer practical software tools to measure precisely the evolution of fluid flows for weather forecasting or climatology studies. It might also offer possibilities of close surveillance of human and natural activities in sensible areas such as forests, river edges, and valley in order to monitor pollution, floods or fire. The need in terms of local weather forecasting, risk prevention, or local climate change is becoming crucial for our tomorrow's life. At a more local scale, image sensors may also be of major utility to analyze precisely the effect of air curtains for safe packaging in agro-industrial.