Section: Application Domains

Experimental fluid mechanics and industrial flows

In the domain of experimental fluid mechanics, the visualization of fluid flows plays a major role, especially for turbulence study since high frequency imaging has been made currently available. Together with analysis of turbulence at different scales, one of the major goals pursued at the moment by many scientists and engineers consists in studying the ability to manipulate a flow to induce a desired change. This is of huge technological importance to enhance or inhibit mixing in shear flows, improve energetic efficiency or control the physical effects of strain and stresses. This is for instance of particular interest for:

  • military applications, for example to limit the infra-red signatures of fighter aircraft;

  • aeronautics and transportation, to limit fuel consumption by controlling drag and lift effects of turbulence and boundary layer behavior;

  • industrial applications, for example to monitor flowing, melting, mixing or swelling of processed materials, or preserve manufactured products from contamination by airborne pollutants, or in industrial chemistry to increase chemical reactions by acting on turbulence phenomena.