Section: New Software and Platforms


Estimation of 2D independent mesoscale layered atmospheric motion fields

Functional Description

This software enables to estimate a stack of 2D horizontal wind fields corresponding to a mesoscale dynamics of atmospheric pressure layers. This estimator is formulated as the minimization of a global energy function. It relies on a vertical decomposition of the atmosphere into pressure layers. This estimator uses pressure data and classification clouds maps and top of clouds pressure maps (or infra-red images). All these images are routinely supplied by the EUMETSAT consortium which handles the Meteosat and MSG satellite data distribution. The energy function relies on a data model built from the integration of the mass conservation on each layer. The estimator also includes a simplified and filtered shallow water dynamical model as temporal smoother and second-order div-curl spatial regularizer. The estimator may also incorporate correlation-based vector fields as additional observations. These correlation vectors are also routinely provided by the Eumetsat consortium.