Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry


Participants : Etienne Mémin, Valentin Resseguier.

duration 36 months. This partnership between Inria and Ifremer funds the PhD of Valentin Resseguier, which aims at studying image based data assimilation strategies for oceanic models incorporating random uncertainty terms. The goal targeted will consist in deriving appropriate stochastic version of oceanic model and on top of them to devise estimation procedures from noisy data to calibrate the associated subgrid models.

Contract inter Carno IFREMER Inria

Participants : Etienne Mémin, Thibaut Tronchin.

duration 36 months. This contract aims at proposing image-based tools for the analysis of the hydraulic load of an immerged body. This project takes place within an inter Carnot cooperation between Ifremer and Inria.

Contract ITGA

Participants : Dominique Heitz, Etienne Mémin.

duration 36 months. This partnership between Inria, Irstea and ITGA funds the PhD of Romain Schuster. The goal of this CIFRE PhD is to design new image-based flow measurement methods for the study of industrial fluid flows. Those techniques will used in particular to calibrate industrial fume hood.

ANDRA project

Participants : Yvan Crenner, Benjamin Delfino, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Jocelyne Erhel.

Contract with ANDRA (National Agency for Nuclear Waste)

Duration: three years from November 2015.

Title: reactive transport in fractured porous media

Coordination: Jocelyne Erhel.

Partners: Geosciences Rennes.

Abstract: Even in small numbers, fractures must be carefully considered for the geological disposal of radioactive waste. They critically enhance diffusivity, speed up solute transport, extend mixing fronts and, in turn, modify the physicochemical conditions of reactivity around possible storage sites. Numerous studies in various fields have shown that fractures cannot be simply integrated within an equivalent porous medium with a simple enhancement of its petro-physical properties (porosity and permeability). We propose a combined numerical and experimental approach to determine the influence on reactivity of typical fracture patterns found in some radioactive waste applications.

IFPEN project

Participants : Bastien Hamlat, Jocelyne Erhel.

Contract with IFPEN (Institut Français du Pétrole et Energies Nouvelles)

Duration: three years from October 2016.

Title: Fully implicit Formulations for the Simulation of Multiphase Flow and Reactive Transport

Coordination: Jocelyne Erhel.

Abstract: Modeling multiphase flow in porous media coupled with fluid-rock chemical reactions is essential in order to understand the origin of sub-surface natural resources and optimize their extraction. This project aims to determine optimal strategies to solve the coupled transport and chemical reaction equations describing the physical processes at work in reactive multiphase flow in porous media. Three different formulations show great potential to accurately solve these equations. Two are fully implicit (“Reactive Coats” and “Semi-smooth Newton)” and one is an operator splitting approach. These formulations are still incomplete at the moment. The work will focus on extending the existing formulations to more complex physical phenomena, study their stability, convergence and theoretical equivalence. Another objective is to provide practical solutions to efficiently solve the resulting non-linear systems.