Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


MANTA (accepted July 2015, starting March 2016): “Curves, surfaces, codes and cryptography”. This project deals with applications of coding theory error correcting codes to in cryptography, multi-party computation, and complexity theory, using advanced topics in algebraic geometry and number theory. The kickoff was a one week-retreat in Dordogne (20 participants), and we had another four day meeting in Saclay in November 17. See http://anr-manta.inria.fr/.


Cybersecurity. Inria and DGA contracted for three PhD topics at the national level, one of them involving Grace. Grace started a new PhD, and hired P. Karpman. The topic of this PhD is complementary to the above DIFMAT-3: while DIFMAT-3 provides fundamental methods for dealing with AG codes, in application for diffusion layers in block ciphers, the topic here is to make concrete propositions of block ciphers using these matrices. P. Karpman is coadvised by T. Peyrin (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), by P.-A. Fouque (Université de Rennes), and D. Augot.