Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1C. Bliek, B. Neveu, G. Trombettoni.

    Using Graph Decomposition for Solving Continuous CSPs, in: Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, CP'98, LNCS, Springer, 1998, vol. 1520, pp. 102-116.
  • 2D. Daney, N. Andreff, G. Chabert, Y. Papegay.

    Interval method for calibration of parallel robots: a vision-based experimentation, in: Mechanism and Machine Theory, August 2006, vol. 41, no 8, pp. 929-944.
  • 3D. Daney, Y. Papegay, B. Madeline.

    Choosing measurement poses for robot calibration with the local convergence method and Tabu search, in: Int. J. of Robotics Research, June 2005, vol. 24, no 6, pp. 501-518.
  • 4J.-P. Merlet.

    Parallel robots, 2nd Edition, Springer, 2005.
  • 5J.-P. Merlet.

    Interval Analysis and Reliability in Robotics, in: International Journal of Reliability and Safety, 2009, vol. 3, pp. 104-130.

  • 6Y. Papegay.

    De la modélisation littérale à la simulation certifiée, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France, June 2012, Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches.

  • 7Y. Papegay.

    From Modeling to Simulation with Symbolic Computation: An Application to Design and Performance Analysis of Complex Optical Devices, in: Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, Munich, Springer Verlag, June 1999.
  • 8G. Trombettoni.

    A Polynomial Time Local Propagation Algorithm for General Dataflow Constraint Problems, in: Proc. Constraint Programming CP'98, LNCS 1520 (Springer Verlag), 1998, pp. 432–446.
Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 9S. E. Reppou, E. G. Tsardoulias, A. M. Kintsakis, A. L. Symeonidis, P. A. Mitkas, F. E. Psomopoulos, G. T. Karagiannis, C. Zelienski, V. Prunet, J.-P. Merlet, M. Iturburu, A. Gkiokas.

    RAPP: A Robotic-Oriented Ecosystem for Delivering Smart User Empowering Applications for Older People, in: International Journal of Social Robotics, June 2016. [ DOI : 10.1007/s12369-016-0361-z ]


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