Section: New Results

Miscellaneous results

Analysis of multi unit uniform price auction

Participant : Odile Pourtallier [correspondante] .

From previous works on CO2 and electricity market we have identified relevant auction mechanism. This mechanism is strongly related with multi unit uniform price auction. In collaboration with M. Tidball (Lameta INRA) we study this mechanism using game theory models such as optimal stopping time game. The first results have been presented to the 17th ISDG conference (Urbino, Italy July 12-15 2016).

Symbolic tools for modeling and simulation

Participant : Yves Papegay.

This activity is the main part of a long-term ongoing collaboration with Airbus whose goal is to directly translate the conceptual work of aeronautics engineers into digital simulators to accelerate aircraft design.

An extensive modeling and simulation platform - MOSELA - has been designed which includes a dedicated modeling language for the description of aircraft dynamics models in term of formulae and algorithms, and a symbolic compiler producing as target an efficient numerical simulation code ready to be plugged into a flight simulator, as well as a formatted documentation compliant with industrial requirements of corporate memory.

Technology demonstrated by our prototype has been transferred : final version of our modeling and simulation environment has been delivered to Airbus in November 2012 and developer level know-how has been transferred in 2013 to a software company in charge of its industrialization and maintenance.

Since 2014, we are working on several enhancements and extension of functionalities, namely to enhance the performances and the numerical quality of the generated C simulation code, and ease the integration of our environment into the airbus toolbox.

In 2016, we have studied how to map modeling concepts used by other Airbus tools into our modeling concepts to allow import in MOSELA of existing models, and perform corresponding C generation [17].