Section: New Software and Platforms


qr_mumps is a software package for the solution of sparse, linear systems on multicore computers. It implements a direct solution method based on the QR factorization of the input matrix. Therefore, it is suited to solving sparse least-squares problems and to computing the minimum-norm solution of sparse, under-determined problems. It can obviously be used for solving square problems in which case the stability provided by the use of orthogonal transformations comes at the cost of a higher operation count with respect to solvers based on, e.g., the LU factorization. qr_mumps supports real and complex, single or double precision arithmetic.

qr_mumps is mainly developed and maintained by the APO team of the IRIT laboratory of Toulouse. HiePACS is an active contributor to this project.

  • Audience: A-4 (large audience, used by people outside the team).

  • Software originality: SO-4 (original software implementing a fair number of original ideas).

  • Software maturity: SM-3 (well-developed software, good documentation, reasonable software engineering).

  • Evolution and maintenance: EM-3 (good quality middle-term maintenance).

  • Software distribution and licensing: SDL-4 (public source or binary distribution on the Web).