Section: New Software and Platforms


PaStiX (Parallel Sparse matriX package) is a scientific library that provides a high performance parallel solver for very large sparse linear systems based on block direct and block ILU(k) iterative methods. Numerical algorithms are implemented in single or double precision (real or complex): LLt (Cholesky), LDLt (Crout) and LU with static pivoting (for non symmetric matrices having a symmetric pattern).

The PaStiX solver is suitable for any heterogeneous parallel/distributed architecture when its performance is predictable, such as clusters of multicore nodes. In particular, we now offer a high-performance version with a low memory overhead for multicore node architectures, which fully exploits the advantage of shared memory by using an hybrid MPI-thread implementation.

  • Audience: A-5 (wide audience, large user's community).

  • Software originality: SO-4 (original software implementing a fair number of original ideas).

  • Software maturity: SM-4 (major software project, strong software engineering).

  • Evolution and maintenance: EM-4 (well-defined and implemented plans for future maintenance and evolution).

  • Software distribution and licensing: SDL-5 (external packaging and distribution, as part of a popular open source distribution or a commercially-distributed product).