Section: New Results

Smarts roads and R5G

Positive surface temperature pavement

Participants : Jean Dumoulin, Nicolas Le Touz.

The mobility during winter season in France mainly relies on the use of de-icers, with an amount ranging from two hundreds thousands tons up to two millions tons for the roads only. Besides the economic impact, there are many concerns on their environmental and infrastructure, both on roads and on airports. In such context and in the framework of the R5G (5th Generation Road) project driven by IFSTTAR, investigations were carried out on the way to modify the infrastructure to maintain pavement surface at a temperature above water freezing point. Two distinct approaches, that can could be combined, were selected. The first one consisted in having a heated fluid circulating in a porous layer within an asphalt concrete pavement sample. The second one specifically relied on the use of paraffin phase change materials (PCM) in cement concrete pavement ones. Experiments on enhanced pavement samples were conducted in a climatic chamber to simulate winter conditions for several continuous days, including wind and precipitations, and monitored by infrared thermography. [24]