Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Informal International Partners

Collaboration with CNR, Italy

Participants : Jean Dumoulin, Nicolas Le Touz.

Non destructive testing on outdoor structures by coupling infrared thermography with ground penetrating radar is one of the topic addressed in this collaboration. A new one about TerHertz is starting.

Collaboration with British Columbia University, Canada

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Michael Doehler, Saeid Allahdadian.

Saeid Allahdadian is currently PhD student of professor Carlos Ventura in Vancouver. Following our recent papers, Michael Doehler has been invited to co-supervise the PhD of Saeid Allahdadian starting in 2015 for 3 years.

Collaboration with BAM, Germany

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Michael Doehler, Eva Viefhues.

Eva Viefhues is currently PhD student of Laurent Mevel and Michel Doehler in Berlin, financed by BAM. M. Doehler is also associate researcher of the BAM institut since 2016.

Collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Participants : Michael Doehler, Dominique Siegert, Ivan Guéguen, Xavier Chapeleau.

During COST Action TU 1402 and M.P. Limongelli's research stay at IFSTTAR, collaboration with Politecnico di Milano has started, resulting in several joint publications in 2016 [35], [18], [21]. A joint Master student project is in progress, and a french-italian PhD project is planned.

Participation in Other International Programs

The team has been awarded a MITACS grant. It allowed us to host S. Allahdadian for 3 months in 2016.