Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

The team is in close collaborations with:

  • InSimo is a startup we created in January 2013, after two years of thinking, maturation and incubation. Its founding members were all former team members of the SHACRA team (our previous team). The business model of the company is based on the SOFA platform and its community to transfer state-of-the-art simulation technologies into commercially-supported software components that medical simulator vendors can integrate into their products. The goal is to foster the creation of a new generation of medical simulators, highly realistic, faster to develop, allowing a broader commercial offer and novel uses. We collaborate with InSimo through the RESET ANR project.

In the context of the SOFA Consortium, the team is in close collaborations with:

  • Altran is a global leader in innovation and high‐tech engineering consulting, Altran accompanies supports its clients in the creation and development of their new products and services. At the occasion of Altran internal scientific workshop, several members of the team (Rosalie Plantefève, Bruno Marques Jaime Guevara and Christoph Paulus) presented their work. We collaborate with Altran through the PhD thesis of Rosalie Plantefeve.

  • Anatoscope is a young start-up company created in 2015 by researchers, engineers and one surgeon. It develops a software solution to automatically build 3D digital avatars based on medical images of patients. The avatars allow biomechanical simulations of the real person.

  • TruPhysics develops Industry 4.0 software solutions to support manufacturing companies in development and sales processes by using a real-time and high-resolution physics simulation. We provide software that enables developers and engineers to simulate control programs, physical properties, kinematics and behavior of industrial robots, machines and assemblies. We collaborate with TruPhysics through the RASimAs FP7 project.