Section: Overall Objectives


The core research topics of the MIMESIS project-team essentially aim at improving the realism and fidelity of interactive simulations of medical procedures. This increase in realism makes it possible to envisage new clinical applications, in particular per-operative guidance, that currently rely on imaging techniques, but could greatly benefit from our expertise in real-time numerical simulation.

To reach these objectives we have identified several challenges that lie at the intersection of several scientific domains. They include the modeling of complex anatomical environments (to define new models describing soft tissue deformation or address coupled multi-physics problems), novel numerical strategies (to enable real-time computation even with the increase in complexity of future models), and data-driven simulation (to link simulation with real world data such as intra-operative images).

The SOFA framework is used to integrate our various contributions as a means to facilitate validation and technology transfer.

Figure 1. Patient-specific simulations: from training to intra-operative guidance