Creation of the Team: 2011 January 01, updated into Project-Team: 2014 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Ludovic Hoyet [Inria, Researcher]

Julien Pettré [Inria, Researcher, in MimeTIC until Feb 2016, HDR]

Faculty Members

Franck Multon [Team leader, Univ. Rennes II, Professor, HDR]

Benoit Bideau [Univ. Rennes II, Professor, HDR]

Nicolas Bideau [Univ. Rennes II, Associate Professor]

Marc Christie [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor]

Armel Crétual [Univ. Rennes II, Associate Professor, HDR]

Georges Dumont [ENS Rennes, Professor, HDR]

Richard Kulpa [Univ. Rennes II, Associate Professor, HDR]

Fabrice Lamarche [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor]

Antonio Mucherino [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor, in MimeTIC since Sept 2016]

Guillaume Nicolas [Univ. Rennes II, Associate Professor]

Anne-Hélène Olivier [Univ. Rennes II, Associate Professor]

Charles Pontonnier [ENS Rennes, Associate Professor]

Camille Pouliquen [Univ. Rennes II, Associate Professor, since Sept. 2016]

Hui-Yin Wu [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor, since Sept. 2016]


Ronan Gaugne [Univ. Rennes I, SED Research Engineer, involved in MimeTIC at 15%]

Christophe Lino [Inria]

Anthony Sorel [Univ. Rennes II]

David Wolinski [Inria, until Nov 2016, granted by ANR PERCOLATION project]

PhD Students

Yacine Boulahia [INSA Rennes]

Julien Bruneau [Univ. Rennes I]

Ana Lucia Cruz Ruiz [Inria, until Nov 2016, granted by ANR ENTRACTE project]

Charles Faure [Univ. Rennes II]

Sean Lynch [Univ. Rennes II]

Marion Morel [Univ. Rennes II, UPMC]

Antoine Muller [ENS Rennes]

Pierre Plantard [Faurecia, until Oct 2016]

Camille Pouliquen [Univ. Rennes II, Until Aug. 2016]

Pierre Touzard [Univ. Rennes II]

Hui-Yin Wu [Univ. Rennes I, until Aug 2016]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Panayiotis Charalambous [Inria, until May 2016]

Diane Haering [Inria]

Zhiguang Liu [Inria, from Nov 2016]

Laurentius Meerhoff [Inria, from May 2016]

Visiting Scientist

Yijun Shen [Northumbria University, from Sep 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Nathalie Denis [Inria]