Section: New Software and Platforms


Asymmetry index for clinical gait analysis based on depth images

Keywords: Motion analysis - Kinect - Clinical analysis

Scientific Description

The system uses depth images delivered by the Microsoft Kinect to retrieve gait cycles. To this end it is based on analyzing the knee trajectories instead of the feet to obtain more robust gait event detection. Based on these cycles, the system computes a mean gait cycle model to decrease the effect of noise of the system. Asymmetry is then computed at each frame of the gait cycle as the spatial difference between the left and right parts of the body.

Functional Description

AsymGait is a software package that works with Microsoft Kinect data, especially depth images, in order to carry-out clinical gait analysis. First is identifies the main gait events using the depth information (footstrike, toe-off) to isolate gait cycles. Then it computes a continuous asymmetry index within the gait cycle. Asymmetry is viewed as a spatial difference between the two sides of the body.

  • Participants: Franck Multon and Edouard Auvinet

  • Contact: Franck Multon