Section: New Software and Platforms


DIscOntinuous GalErkin Nanoscale Solvers

Keywords: High-Performance Computing - Computational electromagnetics - Discontinuous Galerkin - Computational nanophotonics

Functional Description

DIOGENeS is a software suite dedicated to the numerical modeling of light interaction with nanometer scale structures with applications to nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics. DIOGENeS relies on a two layer architecture. The core of the suite is a library of generic software components (data structures and algorithms) for the implementation of high order DG (Dicontinuous Galerkin) and HDG (Hybridizable Dicontinuous Galerkin) schemes formulated on unstructured tetrahedral and hybrid structured/unstructured (cubic/tetrahedral) meshes. This library is used to develop dedicated simulation software for time-domain and frequency-domain problems relevant to nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics, considering various material models.