Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

  • Leonid Fridman, UNAM, Mexico, 10/07/2016-22/07/2016, “Stability analysis of a sliding-mode control algorithm of second order with time delays”.

  • Emilia Fridman, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 27/06/2016-11/07/2016, “Design of interval observers for distributed-parameters systems”.

  • Jaime Alberto Moreno Pérez, UNAM, Mexico, 27/06/2016-08/07/2016, “Recursive design of Lyapunov functions for finite-time stable systems”.

  • Tonametl Sanchez Ramirez, UNAM, Mexico, 24/10/2016-18/11/2016, “Homogeneity for discrete-time systems”.

  • Juan Gustavo Rueda Escobedo, UNAM, Mexico, 24/10/2016-18/11/2016, “Finite-time and fixed-time identification of parameters”.

  • Konstantin Zimenko, ITMO, Russia, 26/09/2016-28/10/2016, “Delay independent stabilization via implicit Lyapunov function approach”.

  • Damiano Rotondo, NTNU, Norway, 17/10/2016-21/10/2016, “Fault detection for LPV systems using interval observers”.

  • Paul Lesur, “Robust control of blimp”, 05-07/2016 , supervisor: G. Zheng

  • Baihui Du, “Robust control of fast dynamical systems”, 05-07/2016, supervisor: G. Zheng

Visits to International Teams

G. Zheng visited Beihang University (China) for two weeks in July 2016.

Explorer programme

COSY (under evaluation) Real-time Control of Synthetic microbial communities. While some precursory work has appeared in recent years, the control of microbial communities remains largely unexplored. This proposal aims at exploiting the potential of state-of-art biological modelling, control techniques, synthetic biology and experimental equipment to achieve a paradigm shift in control of microbial communities. Lead by E. Cinquemani as a collaboration of 4 Inria teams IBIS, BIOCORE, COMMANDS, Non-A), the Inria Exploratory Action INBIO and external partners BIOP (CNRS), MaIAge (INRA), and YoukLAB (TU Delft).

Research Stays Abroad

G. Zheng held a visiting professor position in Nanjing University of Science and Technology (China) for two months stay in August 2016.