Section: New Software and Platforms



Plafrim (http://plafrim.fr) is an essential instrument for Pleiade . We use it for developing software data analysis methods and evaluating them at real world scale. The platform combines considerable computing power with excellent support, both in terms of the quality of the interactions with the local staff and of the ease of large-scale data transfer between Plafrim and Pleiade 's data storage infrastructure. Plafrim facilitates collaboration between team members who are not in the Bordeaux Sud-Ouest building, and furthermore allows us to share best practices and tools with other teams from the Center.

Inria forge and Inria continuous integration

The Inria forge (http://gforge.inria.fr) provides a secure collaboration platform for software project administration and source code management, and Inria's continuous integration platform (http://ci.inria.fr) provides a cloud-based service for automatic compilation and testing of software systems. Pleiade uses these two services extensively for agile software development. The continuous integration platform allows us to verify the correct operation of our methods in different operating system and deployment environments.

Team Platform

Pleiade maintains a dedicated computing platform for software development and experimentation by the team, comprised of a private cloud, storage, and a Project Atomic cluster for hosting Docker containers