Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


A. Franc has been supervisor of PhD Thesis of François Keck, UMR Carrtel, Thonon, Grenoble University, with Agnès Bouchez and Frédéric Rimet as co-supervisors. The PhD has been defended on April, 26, 2016. Reference: https://www.theses.fr/196768691. The topic is the use of phylogenetic signal for improving the assessment of water quality from inventories of diatoms. Three papers have been published by François Keck [7], [8], [9].

A. Franc has been

  • member of the committee of the PhD of Cyril Noël at IPREM, University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (PhD advisor: Cristiana Cravo-Laureau)

  • reviewer of the HdR of Jean-Daniel Bontemps on large scale forest growth models, University of Nancy

  • reviewer of the HdR of Benoit de Thoisy, University of Cayenne, on “from Pleistocene to likely to the dawn of the sixth extinction crisis: the tormented history of Amazonian mammals”.

  • member of the jury for PhD defense of Arielle Salmier, University of Cayenne, on the response of chiroptera to changing environment: viral diversity and adaptation, at Cayenne on December, 13, 2016.

D. Sherman was president of the jury for Claire Capdevieille in the Unversity of Bordeaux on Novembre 3, 2016.

D. Sherman was president of a first-year jury for the Mathematics and Computer Science Doctoral School at the University of Bordeaux.


Rémi Pellerin of the ENS Lyon was an intern in Pleiade during June–July 2016, and contributed to Declic, a software package written in Python by A. Franc that provides several tools for data analysis, in the domains of multivariate data analysis, machine learning, and graph based methods. It permits users to study in depth the accuracy of the dictionary between molecular based and morphological based taxonomy.

Adrien Lopez of the Collège Henri Brisson in Talence spent a week in Pleiade for his “stage du troisième”.