New Software and Platforms
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
New Software and Platforms
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

General Chair, Scientific Chair
  • “2nd International OpenViBE workshop”, International BCI meeting 2016, Asilomar, CA, USA,2016 (Fabien Lotte)

Member of the Organizing Committees
  • ”IHM et Education”, workshop at IHM conference, Fribourg, Switzerland, Nov. 2016 (Martin Hachet, Anke Brock)

  • “2nd InternationalOpenViBE workshop”, International BCI meeting 2016, Asilomar, CA, USA,2016 (Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet, Jérémy Frey)

  • “What’s wrong with us? Roadblocks and pitfalls in designing BCI applications”, International BCI meeting, Asilomar, CA, USA, 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • Special session “Human Factors and performance metrics for BMI Training and Operation”,IEEE SMC 2016, Budapest, Hungary, (Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet)

  • Diversity Co-Chair at the ACM CHI’16 conference, San José, USA, 05/2016 (Anke Brock)

  • Microsoft Student Research Competition at the ACM ASSETS’16 conference, Reno,USA, 10/2016 (Anke Brock)

Scientific Events Selection

Member of the Conference Program Committees
  • IEEE VR 2017 (Martin Hachet)

  • Eurographics STAR 2017 (Martin Hachet)

  • IHM 2016 (Martin Hachet)

  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia MUM 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia MUM 2016 Poster Committee (David Furió, Anke Brock)

  • 1st International Neuroadaptive Technology Conference 2017 (Fabien Lotte)

  • 7th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference, 2017 (Fabien Lotte)

  • International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Brain-MachineInterface Workshop (IEEE SMC) 2016 (Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet)

  • International workshop on Pattern Recognition in NeuroImaging (PRNI) 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting 2016 (publicity committee+ review committee) (Fabien Lotte)

  • 7th Augmented Human International Conference, 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • 8th Augmented Human International Conference, 2017 (Fabien Lotte)

  • ACM ASSETS 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • Computer Applications and Quantitive Methods in Archaeology 2016 (CAA) (Pascal Guitton)

  • 8th Augmented Human International Conference, 2017 (Fabien Lotte)

  • 7th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference, 2017 (Camille Jeunet)

  • ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 (Martin Hachet)

  • IEEE 3DUI 2017 (Martin Hachet)

  • ACM ISS 2016 (Joan Sol Roo)

  • ACM CHI 2016 (Fabien Lotte, Anke Brock, Camille Jeunet, Jérémy Frey)

  • ACM CHI 2017 (Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet, Anke Brock, David Furió, Camille Jeunet, Jérémy Frey)

  • Augmented Humans 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • International BCI Meeting 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • EICS 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • IJCNN 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • PRNI 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • IEEE SMC 2016 (Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet)

  • Eurohaptics 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • Handicap 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • HapticsSymposium 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • ACM IHM 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • ACM MobileHCI 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • ACM NordiCHI 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • ACM TEI 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • ACM Ubicomp 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • ACM UIST 2016 (Anke Brock)


Member of the Editorial Boards
  • Associate Editor in Brain Computer Interfaces (Fabien Lotte)

  • Associate Editor in Journal of Neural Engineering (Fabien Lotte)

  • Review Editor for Frontiers in Robotics and AI (Martin Hachet)

  • Review Editor for Frontiers in Neuroprosthetics (Fabien Lotte)

  • Review Editor for Frontiers in Human-Media Interaction (Fabien Lotte)

  • Guest Associate Editor, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, with D. Friedman, on “Brain-Computer Interfaces Technologies forRobotics and Virtual Reality”, 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • TACCESS Special Issue for ASSETS'17 conference (Anke Brock)

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Computer and Graphics (Martin Hachet)

  • Computers and Education (David Furió)

  • Computational Intelligence and Neurosciences (Fabien Lotte)

  • Journal of Neural Engineering (Fabien Lotte)

  • Frontiers in Neurosciences / Frontiers in ICT (Fabien Lotte)

  • IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (Fabien Lotte)

  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering (Fabien Lotte)

  • Le Travail Humain (Fabien Lotte)

  • ACM TOCHI (Fabien Lotte)

  • Nature Scientific Reports (Fabien Lotte)

  • ACM TACCESS (Anke Brock)

  • Journal of Psychophysiology (Camille Jeunet)

  • PLOS One (Camille Jeunet)

  • Progress in Brain Research (Camille Jeunet)

  • Transaction in Human Machine Systems (Camille Jeunet)

  • Brain Science (Camille Jeunet)

Invited Talks

  • ”Tangible Interaction and Spatial Augmented Reality for Education”, University of Sussex, Jan. 2016 (Martin Hachet).

  • "Vers des interfaces cerveau-ordinateur populaires", Conférence What’s Up In Your Mind, Paris, Jun 2016 (Jérémy Frey)

  • ”Interaction Homme-Machine pour l’Education : au-delà de la souris et de l’écran”, Colloque Robotique et Education, Bordeaux, Juin 2016 (Martin Hachet).

  • "Human Learning and Alternative Applications Towards Usable Electroencephalography-based Brain-Computer Interfaces", Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, Germany, December 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • "The birth and scope of the BrainConquest ERC starting grant project", European Research Day 2016, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • "Towards Usable EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces", Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • “Principles and promises of EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface technologies”, 1st Iranian IBRO/APRC School of Cognitive Neuroscience, Tehran, Iran, September 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • “When Brain-Computer Interaction meets Educational Sciences”, LaBRI general assembly, Bordeaux,France, July 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • “Toward Usable Mental Imagery-based Brain-Computer Interfaces”, Brain and Spine Institute, Paris, France, July 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • « From Neurofeedback to Brain-Computer Interfaces », Neurofeedback workshop in Bordeaux, France, July 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • “Brain-Computer Interaction and Spatial Augmented Reality Research in Potioc team”, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, June 2016 (Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet)

  • “Latest research results in Brain-Computer Interfaces and Augmented Reality”, Brain and Computers Digital Media Conference, Center for Digital Media, Vancouver, Canada, June 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • « Educational Science Principles for Brain-Computer Interface Design”, Inserm Lyon, France, April 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • "Considering User Training and Alternative Applications to Design Usable EEG-based BCI Technologies”, EPFL, Center for Neuroprosthetics, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • "Traitement des signaux cérébraux et classification des états mentaux", Journée scientifique de l'IFRATH "Interfaces Cerveau-Ordinateur", Paris, France, February 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • "Reciprocal learning between machines and humans for neurofeedback and BCI", Première Journée Nationale sur le Neurofeedback, Paris, France, January 2016 (Fabien Lotte)

  • “Interacting with spatial information” , Stanford HCI Group,Stanford University, USA, May 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • “Interacting with spatial information” , HERE, Berkeley, USA , May 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • “Interaction avec des cartes géographiques pour tous”, Immersion, Bordeaux, France, April 2016 (Anke Brock, Julia Chatain)

  • “Interacting with spatial information” , University of Sussex, UK, February 2016 (Anke Brock)

  • Animation table ronde, Journée URFIST « Vers de nouveaux paradigmes pour l’édition scientifique », Bordeaux, March 2016 (Pascal Guitton)

  • "L’éthique en Sciences du numérique", Ecole du Management Inria, Paris, September 2016 (Pascal Guitton)

  • "Physiological computing and spatial augmented reality: reflecting on inner state", Paris Open Source Summit, Paris, November 2016 (Jérémy Frey)

  • "Transparence algorithmique et éthique", Journée nouveaux arrivants Inria, Saclay, December 2016 (Pascal Guitton)

  • "Interfaces cerveau-ordinateur : quoi, pourquoi et comment ?", ENSCBP - Media Sciences, Bordeaux, Février 2016 (Camille Jeunet)

  • "How Cognitive Sciences Can Contribute to Research in Brain-Computer Interaction", National Cognitive Science Conference 2016, San Diego (Camille Jeunet)

  • "Understanding and Improving Mental-Imagery based Brain-Computer Interface User Training: Towards Efficient, Reliable and Accessible BCIs", University of Oldenburg, October 2016 (Camille Jeunet)

  • "Understanding and Improving MI-BCI User-Training", University of Freiburg, Germany, November 2016 (Camille Jeunet)

Leadership within the Scientific Community

  • IEEE 3DUI Steering committe - Leader (Martin Hachet)

Scientific Expertise

  • Member of Jury for recruitment of Researcher (CR2-CR1) Inria Bordeaux (Martin Hachet)

  • Expert for the Millennium Science Initiative research group evaluation, Chile (Fabien Lotte)

  • Expert for the « Sapienza »,University of Rome, research projects, Italy (Fabien Lotte)

  • Expert for the Partenariats Hubert-Curien (PHC) Germaine deStaël, France-Switzerland research projects (Fabien Lotte)

  • Etude "Panorama du cyberespace dans 3 à 5 ans" - Workshop "Evolutions technologiques", CEIS, CREC (Fabien Lotte)

  • Member of Inria Cellule de veille et de prospective (Pascal Guitton)

  • Expert for Credit Impot Recherche (Martin Hachet)

  • Member of the scientific committee of SCRIME (Martin Hachet)

Research Administration

  • Member of Inria Bordeaux Sustainable Development Committee (Martin Hachet)

  • Member of Inria Ethical Committee (COERLE) (Pascal Guitton)

  • Member of Inria International Chairs Committee (Pascal Guitton)

  • Responsable of Inria RA2020 Committee (new annual Activity Report) (Pascal Guitton)

  • Member of Comité de Pilotage de Software Heritage (Pascal Guitton)

  • Member of Comité de Pilotage Responsabilité Sociétale de l'Université, Université de Bordeaux (Pascal Guitton)

  • Member of Conseil d'administration Institut d'Optique Graduate School (Pascal Guitton)

  • Member of Commission de recrutement des Inspecteurs Généraux de l'Education Nationale (IGEN) (Pascal Guitton)

  • Member of Inria Bordeaux Committee for Technological Developement (Fabien Lotte)

  • Member of Inria Bordeaux Young Researchers Committe (Anke Brock)