Section: New Results

Common basic resources

Participants : Bruno Guillaume, Guy Perrier, Nicolas Lefebvre.

Crowdsourcing Complex Language Resources

This work [15] presents the results we obtained on a complex annotation task (that of dependency syntax) using a specifically designed Game with a Purpose, ZombiLingo. (See: http://zombilingo.org/.) The design of the game has to deal with the fact that the task is complex and does not directly rely on human intuition. We show that with suitable mechanisms (decomposition of the task, training of the players and regular control of the annotation quality during the game), it is possible to obtain annotations whose quality is significantly higher than that obtainable with a parser, provided that enough players participate. The source code of the game and the resulting annotated corpora (for French) are freely available.

Universal Dependencies

We participated to development of new versions of the French part of the Universal Dependencies project (http://universaldependencies.org/).

The version 1.3 [52] was released in May. In this version, the lemmatization and the morphological annotation were added automatically when possible and with manual verification for ambiguous occurrences.

The version 1.4 [51] was released in November. This version contains a large number of annotation corrections. The Grew software was used to explore, to check consistency and to correct systematically the data. For instance, all copula annotations where checked manually.