Section: New Software and Platforms

Saccadic model

Scientific Description The software called Scanpath Prediction aims at predicting the visual scanpath of an observer. The visual scanpath is a set of fixation points. The computational model is based on bottom-up saliency maps, viewing tendencies (that have been learned from eye tracking datasets) and inhibition-of-return. A presentation of this model is available on the following link: http://fr.slideshare.net/OlivierLeMeur/saccadic-model-of-eye-movements-for-freeviewing-condition. This software is dedicated to people working in computer science, computer vision and cognitive science. This software is being registered at the APP (Agence de Protection des Programmes) under the number IDDN.FR.001.240029.000.S.P.2016.000.10000.

  • Participants: Olivier Le Meur

  • Partner: Université de Rennes 1

  • Contact: Olivier Le Meur