Section: New Software and Platforms


The scientific and industrial community is nowadays exploring new multimedia applications using 3D data (beyond stereoscopy). In particular, Free Viewpoint Television (FTV) has attracted much attention in the recent years. In those systems, the user can choose in real time the view angle from which he wants to observe the scene. Despite the great interest for FTV, the lack of realistic and ambitious datasets penalizes the research effort. The acquisition of such sequences is very costly in terms of hardware and working effort, which explains why no multi-view videos suitable for FTV has been made available yet.

A project founded by Inriahub has recently started in the SIROCCO team. Called ATeP for “Acquisition, Traitement et Partage" (Acquisition, Processing and Sharing), it targets the acquisition of such dataset. Another interesting aspect of this project is that the acquisition system relies on omnidirectional cameras. The dataset will thus interest all the industries and scientists currently working on the development of efficient processing and coding tools for 360 videos.

  • Participants: Cédric Le Cam, Thomas Maugey

  • Partner: Inria

  • Contact: Thomas Maugey