Section: Dissemination


  • Vulnerability Prediction Against Fault Attacks , N. Jafri, A. Legay, J.-L. Lanet, Ercim news 106, 2016

  • Skyfall : Tombé du ciel, J.-L. Lanet, Interstices, 2016 In this publication we revisit the movie Skyfall and explain on which scientific background rely some elements of the movie.

  • FIC 2016 Internet des objets : la nouvelle fragilité ? We have been invited to participate at a panel with layers, IoT designer to discuss the security of the IoT.

  • Atlantico, Et si les objets connectés étaient la plus grande faille qu’entreprises et particuliers pouvaient offrir aux hackers ? January 2016. In this interview we explain that the security is not the main concern of low end IoT, which is not the case with high end IoT.