Section: New Software and Platforms

VITRAIL - Visualisation Tool

Real-Time, Advanced, Immersive Visualization of Software / Visualizer

Keyword: Visualization of software

Scientific Description

It is difficult for developers to explore and understand the source code of large programs, for example in objet-oriented languages programs featuring thousands of classes. Visualization methods based on daily life metaphors have thus been proposed. The VITRAIL Visualization tool (or VITRAIL Vizualizer) makes it possible to display, visualize and explore Java programs in a metaphorical way, using the city metaphor. An execution trace of the Java (byte)code provided by VITRAIL JBInstrace tool, is provided as input to VITRAIL Visualizer which displays a city-like metaphorical world showing the static structure of the code as well as some dynamic elements (calls).

This program may be used in Tamis as a basis for tools for the visualization of security events in programs.

Functional Description

This program makes it possible to displays, visualizes and explores Java programs in a metaphorical way (using the city metaphore). Useful for complex application developers/architects.

  • Participants: Damien Bodenes, Olivier Zendra and Olivier Demengeon

  • Contact: Olivier Zendra