Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

  • P-Y. Oudeyer was invited to give the 29th Eleanor J. Gibson and James J. Gibson Lecture in Experimental Psychology, by Cornell University, US.

  • P-Y. Oudeyer co-organized with colleagues at Univ. Waterloo (Canada) the interdisciplinary workshop "Designing for curiosity" at CHI 2016 in Denver, Colorado, US. This workshop aimed to build a community of academic researchers-such as computer scientists (in human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, robotics), developmental psychologists, behavioral economists, education, marketing, neuroscience-as well as practitioners-such as painters, architects, game designers, screenwriters who have engaged with the term curiosity in their work. Web site: https://www.crowdcurio.com/research/workshops/chi2017/.

  • P-Y. Oudeyer co-organized (with V. Santucci, G. Baldassarre, A. Barto) the 3rd International Workshop on Intrinsically Motivated Open-Ended Learning (IMOL 2017). It aimed to further explore the promise of intrinsically motivated open-ended lifelong learning in robots and artificial systems. Web: http://www.imol-conf.org/. We also organized a follow-up special issue in the journal Fronties in Robotics and AI:


  • The Flowers team organized the 3rd "Colloque Robotique et Education" in Bordeaux (general chair: Didier Roy), gathering around 200 attendees on the topic of educational robotics. Web: http://dm1r.fr/roboeduc17/. The team also contributed to the organization of the Scratch international conference, web:http://www.scratch2017bdx.org/en/hello-world-2/.

  • The Flowers team, the Potioc team and two research teams in robotics and HCI at the University of Waterloo (Canada) initiated a new interdisciplinary collaboration around the design of interactive environments that foster curiosity-driven learning, and obtained a funding from Idex/University of Bordeaux.