Section: New Software and Platforms

HiPi Board

Functional Description: Hipi is a board to control robots on Raspberry Pi. It is an extension of the Pixl board with the following features:

  • A DC/DC power converter from 12V (motor) to 5V (Raspberry Pi) at 3A.

  • A stereo audio amplifier 3W.

  • A MPU9250 central motion unit .

  • A RS232 and a RS485 bus connected to the Raspberry Pi by SPI for driving MX and RX Dynamixel motor series.

This board will be integrated soon in the new head of the Poppy Humanoid and Poppy Torso.

Using the Raspberry Pi for every Poppy robots will simplify the hardware complexity (we maintain 4 types of embedded boards, with different Linux kernel and configurations) and improve the usage and installation of new robots.