Section: New Results

Simulation for Intra-operative Rehearsal

Participants: N. Haouchine, F. Roy, S. Cotin

DejaVu, a novel surgical simulation approach for intra-operative surgical gesture rehearsal was published in [22] in collaboration with UCL London. With DejaVu we aim at bridging the gap between pre-operative surgical simulation and crucial but not yet robust intra-operative surgical augmented reality. By exploiting intra-operative images we produce a simulation that faithfully matches the actual procedure without visual discrepancies and with an underlying physical modeling that performs real-time deformation of organs and surrounding tissues, surgeons can interact with the targeted organs through grasping, pulling or cutting to immediately rehearse their next gesture. We present results on different in vivo surgical procedures and demonstrate the feasibility of practical use of our system.

Figure 13. Schematic illustration of DejaVu Simulation. (a) preoperative model is built from tomographic images; (b) material law, tissue properties and attachments, constitute the physical model; (c) an intra-operative image is selected; (d) 3D/2D registration is performed between the physical model in (b) and the selected frame in (c); (e) appearance and illumination are estimated corresponding to specular and diffuse components and light position; (f) the final composition is build to enable surgical gesture rehearsal.