Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

The results of the PhD thesis of Pierre Plantard leaded to the software "Kimea" with a national APP deposit. Faurecia company encouraged us to create a start-up company based on these results. Hence, we get two grants of the SATT "Ouest Valorisation" (total 300K) to transform the thesis prototype into a professionnal solution. The Kimea project has been granted several industrial and innovation prices (see below). A software engineer and an ergonomist have been recruited to create the original team of the future start-up (creation planned beginning of 2018). The software is based on several previously published works [14], and validated in actual industrial context [13]. Franck Multon will be scientific expert in the future start-up as a co-founder of the company.


Kimea project has been granted by regional and national innovation committees:

  • regional Pepite Tremplin competition by the Universities Bretagne Loire, October 2017,

  • national Pepite Tremplin competition (53 projects granted among 700), November 2017,

  • granted "Projet du futur" if the BPO foundation (10k), 18/10/2017,

  • Top 500 national startup, "Hello Tomorrow" challenge, 25-27 october 2017.