Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Virtual reality - Motion capture - Movement analysis

Functional Description: MotionGraphVR is a tool enabling users to automatically create motion graphs in Unity. It is particularly targeting Virtual Reality applications, where with the development of Head Mounted Displays users are now unable to see their real body unless they use expensive motion capture system, or animation techniques (e.g., Inverse Kinematics) which suffer from a lack of visual realism. To lever these limitations, MotionGraphVR automatically builds a graph of human motions from a set of examples captured on a real actor, and identify which motion path is the graph is closest to the user's actions. Additionally, this plugin also provides analysing tools to allow developers of VR applications to visualise similarities between movements to use in their applications before seamlessly connecting them in Motion Graphs.

  • Participants: Tiffany Luong, Ludovic Hoyet and Fernando Argelaguet Sanz

  • Contact: Ludovic Hoyet