Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Experimentation - Data visualization - SDR (Software Defined Radio)

Functional Description: fftweb is a real-time spectral (FFT) visualization of one or several signal, embedded in a web page. The FFT is computed in a GNURadio block, then sent to a gateway server, which serves the web page, associated javascripts, and signal websockets. The end user only has to use the GNURadio block and and the web page, and doesn't need to bother about the internal details of the system. fftweb has been developped specially for the CorteXlab testbed but with minor adaptations, it can be used in other contexts, and also can be used to draw more generic real-time graphs, not only FFTs. Technologies: GNURadio, python, python-gevent, Javascript, D3JS

  • Contact: Matthieu Imbert