Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

Research Contract with Orange Labs (2015-2017)

The goal of this project “PErformances Théoriques des réseaux cellulaires pour la 5G” No. F05151 (50KEuro) is to develop a theoretical approach allowing to study the energy efficiency spectral efficiency tradeoff for 5G networks, by revisiting information theory for dense networks and short packets transmissions.

Research Contract with Bosch (2016-2017)

This contract between Bosch and two project-teams (AriC and Socrate) focusses on the evolution of high-performance embedded controllers.

Research Contract with Sigfox (2015-2017)

A collaboration with Sigfox to work on extension of SigFox network to multi-base station case: cifre grant.

Research Contract with Atlantic

Socrate has a collaborative contract with Atlantic, around wireless communications in HVAC systems.