Section: New Software and Platforms

Polychrony AADL2SIGNAL

Keywords: Real-time application - Polychrone - Synchronous model - Polarsys - Polychrony - Signal - AADL - Eclipse - Meta model

Functional Description: This polychronous MoC has been used previously as semantic model for systems described in the core AADL standard. The core AADL is extended with annexes, such as the Behavior Annex, which allows to specify more precisely architectural behaviors. The translation from AADL specifications into the polychronous model should take into account these behavior specifications, which are based on description of automata.

For that purpose, the AADL state transition systems are translated as Signal automata (a slight extension of the Signal language has been defined to support the model of polychronous automata).

Once the AADL model of a system transformed into a Signal program, one can analyze the program using the Polychrony framework in order to check if timing, scheduling and logical requirements over the whole system are met.

We have implemented the translation and experimented it using a concrete case study, which is the AADL modeling of an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system, a highly safety-critical system embedded in recent cars.