Section: New Software and Platforms


Loter: A software package to infer local ancestry for a wide range of species

Keywords: Local Ancestry Inference - Bioinformatics

Scientific Description: Admixture between populations provides opportunity to study biological adaptation and phenotypic variation. Admixture studies can rely on local ancestry inference for admixed individuals, which consists of computing at each locus the number of copies that originate from ancestral source populations. Loter is a software package that does not require any biological parameter besides haplotype data in order to make local ancestry inference available for a wide range of species.

Functional Description: Loter is a Python package for haplotype phasing and local ancestry inference.

News Of The Year: The software package was shipped with the biorxiv preprint T. Dias-Alves, J. Mairal, and M. Blum. Loter: A Software Package to Infer Local Ancestry for a Wide Range of Species. preprint BiorXiv. 2017