Section: New Software and Platforms


SPARQL UPDATE Benchmark generator.

Keywords: SPARQL - RDF

Scientific Description: One aim of the RDF data model, as standardized by the W3C, is to facilitate the evolution of data over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed. To this end, one of the latest addition to the SPARQL standard query language is an update language for RDF graphs. The research on efficient and scalable SPARQL evaluation methods increasingly relies on standardized methodologies for benchmarking and comparing systems. However, current RDF benchmarks do not support graphs updates. We propose and share SPARUB: a benchmark for the SPARQL update language on RDF graphs. The aim of SPARUB is not to be yet another rdf benchmark. Instead it provides the mean to automatically extend and improve existing RDF benchmarks along a new dimension of data updates, while preserving their structure and query scenarios.

Functional Description: SPARUB is a simple tool to generate additional scenarios of test from an already existing N-Triples dataset and some SPARQL queries while focusing on the SPARQL UPDATE fragment (which is part of SPARQL 1.1). It simply extends already existing benchmarking methods taking an RDF dataset and (optionally) SPARQL queries to provide a complete scenario of test. Moreover, a list of predefined metrics is also available to extract interesting figures of the tests.

Technically, SPARUB is a bash script sparub.sh which takes a triple file and an optional list of SPARQL queries as arguments. It will then generate a scenario divided into several steps to benchmark an RDF storage system allowing the SPARQL evaluation on the various functionalities of the SPARQL UPDATE standard extension.