Section: New Software and Platforms


Mixed Reality Browser

Keywords: Augmented reality - Geolocation - Indoor geolocalisation - Smartphone

Functional Description: MRB displays PoI (Point of Interest) content remotely through panoramics with spatialized audio, or on-site by walking to the corresponding place, it can be used for indoor-outdoor navigation, with assistive audio technology for the visually impaired. It is the only browser of geolocalized data to use XML as a native format for PoIs, panoramics, 3D audio and to rely on HTML5 both for the iconic and full information content of PoIs. Positioning in MRB is based on a PDR library, written in C++ and Java and developed by the team, which provides the user’s location in real time based on the interpretation of sensors. Three main modules have been designed to build this positioning system: (i) a pedometer that estimates the distance the user has walked and his speed, (ii) a motion manager that enables data set recording and simulation but also the creation of virtual sensors or filters (e.g gyroscope drift compensation, linear acceleration, altimeter), and (iii) a map-matching algorithm that provides a new location based on a given OpenStreetMap file description and the current user’s trajectory.