Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

  • Y. Penel and J. Sainte-Marie organised (with E. Fernández-Nieto) the workshop “non-hydrostatic effects in oceanography ” that took place at Sevilla univ. on 15-16th October and that gathered 35 international researchers (https://team.inria.fr/ange/workshop-non-hydrostatic-effects-in-oceanography/).

  • J. Sainte-Marie took part of the organization of the 6th EGRIN summer school that took place at Le Lioran from 18th to 21st of June and that gathered 40 researchers (https://indico.math.cnrs.fr/event/3345/overview).

  • J. Sainte-Marie took part of the organization of the Workshop COMMODORE "Community for the numerical modeling of the global, regional and coastal ocean" (https://commodore2018.sciencesconf.org/) (17-19/9/18).

  • B. Haspot and Y. Penel organise the monthly ANGE seminar (https://team.inria.fr/ange/gdt-slides/).

  • J. Salomon co-organises the LJLL-Inria meetings (https://project.inria.fr/rencontresljll/fr/) (twice a month).

  • J. Salomon co-organised the minisymposium "Domain-decomposition methods for integral equation problems " at the 25th International Domain Decomposition Conference, DD XXV, in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, July 23-27, 2018.

  • L. Boittin co-organises the Junior Seminar at Inria–Paris.

  • M. Parisot and J. Salomon organise a workshop entitled “Scientific computing and optimisation processes for renewable energies” at Inria (https://emrsim2018.sciencesconf.org/) on January 2018.


The summary of the reviewing activities of the team is given in the next table.

Table 1.
Member Journal
Julien Salomon CRAS, SIAM SISC
Cindy Guichard J. Comp. Phys., J. Sci. Comp., CRAS,
J. Comp. Math., Num. Math.
Jacques Sainte-Marie M2AN, Computer and Fluids, Ocean Modelling, J. Comp. Phys.,
J. Sci. Comp. Adances in Comp. Math.
Martin Parisot J. Hydraulic Research, Computers and Fluids,
J. Comp. Phys., J. de Math. Pures et Appliquées
Vivien Mallet ANR, Journal of Machine Learning Research
Edwige Godlewski Sinum

Invited and contributed Talks

Table 2.
Conference Location Month Members involved
Julien Salomon 7-th Parallel-in-time Integration Workshop (PinT 2018). Roscoff, France 02-05/05/2018
Julien Salomon 25-th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods (DD25). St-Johns, Canada 23-27/07/18
Julien Salomon Séminaire du laboratoire de mathématiques Blaise Pascal. Clermont-Ferrand, France 01/02/18
Julien Salomon Séminaire du CMAP. Palaiseau, France 15/5/18
Julien Salomon Séminaire du Laboratoire J.-L. Lions Paris, France 30/03/18
Julien Salomon Séminaire du groupe d'analyse Universität Konstanz 14/11/18
Fabien Wahl Simulation et Optimisation pour les Energies Marines Renouvelables Inria Paris 11/01/18
Fabien Wahl GdT ANGE Inria Paris 10/10/18
Fabien Wahl EGRIN Le Grand Lioran 18/06/18
Bilal Al Taki Journée interne du LJLL Paris diderot (P7) 05/04/18
Bilal Al Taki Séminaire du laboratoire Marseille 20/11/18
Frédéric Allaire 8th International Conference on Forest Fire Research (ICFFR) Coimbra, Portugal 12-16/11/18
Virgile Dubos, Martin Parisot Non-hydrostatic effects in oceanography Séville, Espagne 15-16/10/18
Virgile Dubos 18th Spanish-French Sch. J-L. Lions, Num. Sim. in Phy. and Eng. Las Palmas, Espagne 25-29/06/18
Cindy Guichard rencontres Inria-LJLL en calcul scientifique Paris 05/11
Cindy Guichard Mini-symposium, CANUM Cap d’Agde 29/05
Cindy Guichard séminaire d’analyse numérique, CEA/DIF Bruyères-le-Châtel 03/05/18
Cindy Guichard journée interne du LJLL Paris 05/04/18
Cindy Guichard séminaire d’analyse numérique des EDP univ. Orsay 22/03/18
Yohan Penel Mini-symposium, CANUM Cap d’Agde 29/05/18
Yohan Penel GDR Manu (poster) Roscoff, France 02/07/18
Yohan Penel Workshop "non-hydrostatic effects in oceanography" Séville, Espagne 16/10/18
Jacques Sainte-Marie Plenary in " Free Surface Flows: from Hydrostatic to Non-Hydrostatic Models" Saint-Malo 6/6/18
Jacques Sainte-Marie Séminaire du laboratoire N. Oresme - université de Caen Caen 12/02/18
Léa Boittin GdT ANGE Inria Paris 21/02/18
Léa Boittin GTT LJLL LJLL, Paris 30/1
Léa Boittin CMWR XXII (poster) Saint-Malo 04/06/18
Léa Boittin EGRIN Le Grand Lioran 18/6/18
Martin Parisot Seminaire d'équipe LEMON Montpellier 6/2/18
Martin Parisot SIMAI-UMI Congres Wroclaw, Poland 16-20/09/18
Martin Parisot Séminaire du Laboratoire Jean Leray Nantes 11/10/18
Martin Parisot Conference Balance laws in fluid mechanics, geophysics, biology Orléans 19-22/10/18
Martin Parisot Séminaire "Math et Eau" Montpellier 25/10/18
Martin Parisot Colloque LEFE Clermont-Ferrand 28-30/03/18
Martin Parisot Workshop Non Hydro, Séville Séville 10/18
Jacques Sainte-Marie Séminaire du laboratoire de mathématiques Beyrouth université 19/12/2018
Vivien Mallet Semaine "data science", ENPC Marne-la-Vallée 02/02/18
Vivien Mallet Journées scientifiques Inria Bordeaux 28/06/18
Vivien Mallet Observations, AI and Sustainable Development Paris 24/09/18
Vivien Mallet Séminaire au laboratoire d'aérologie Toulouse 03/07/18
Boris Haspot Séminaire Evry Evry 01/18
Boris Haspot Séminaire LJLL Paris 11/18
Boris Haspot Hyp 2018 Penn State Penn State 06/18
Boris Haspot Workshop Non Hydro, Séville Séville 10/18
Janelle Hammond CANUM Cap d’Agde 29/05

Leadership within the Scientific Community

Yohan Penel is a member of the Council Administration of SMAI (2015-2018).

Scientific Expertise

  • Yohan Penel was rewiewer for the grant CNRS INSU LEFE

  • Vivien Mallet was reviewer for ANR