Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Permanent members of the Coast project-team are leading teachers in their respective institutions. They are responsible of lectures in disciplines like software engineering, database systems, object oriented programming and design, distributed systems, service computing and more advanced topics at all levels and in different of departments in the University. Most of the PhD Students have also teaching duties in the same institutions. As a whole, the Coast team accounts for more than 2500 hours of teaching. Members of the Coast team are also deeply involved in the pedagogical and administrative life of their departments.

  • Claude Godart is responsible for the Computer Science Department of the engineering school ESSTIN.

  • Khalid Benali is responsible for the professional master degree speciality “Distributed Information Systems” of MIAGE and of its international branch in Morocco.

  • François Charoy is responsible of the Software Engineering specialisation at the TELECOM Nancy Engineering School of University of Lorraine.


  • PhD (defended): Quang Vinh Dang, Trust-based large scale collaboration, started in 10/2014, Claudia-Lavinia Ignat and François Charoy

  • PhD (in progress): Hoai Le Nguyen, Study of group performance and behaviour in collaborative editing, started in 9/2015, Claudia-Lavinia Ignat and François Charoy

  • PhD (in progress): Hoang Long Nguyen, A Trust Based Authorisation Model and Framework for the Cloud, started in 11/2015, Claudia-Lavinia Ignat and Olivier Perrin

  • PhD (in progress): Victorien Elvinger, Secured Replication for Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Infrastructures, started in 10/2015, François Charoy and Gérald Oster

  • PhD (in progress): Guillaume Rosinoski, Elastic BPM and the Cloud, started in 10/2014, François Charoy and Samir Youssef

  • PhD (in progress): Quentin Laporte-Chabasse, Federation of Organisations over Peer to Peer Collaborative Network, started in 10/2016, François Charoy and Gérald Oster

  • PhD (in progress): Béatrice Linot, Trust in cooperative systems, Jérome Dinet et François Charoy, started 11/2016

  • PhD (in progress): Anis Ahmed Nacer, Safe Service Composition, Olivier Perrin and François Charoy, started 3/2017

  • PhD (in progress): Matthieu Nicolas, Optimisation of Replication Algorithms, Olivier Perrin and Gérald Oster, started 10/2017


  • Claudia-Lavinia Ignat was member of CRCN recruitment jury at Inria Nancy-Grand Est

Coast members were members of the following PhD and HdR defence committees:

  • Noura Faci, HdR, Université de Lyon, Décembre 2018 (François Charoy, president)

  • Wafa Triaa, PhD, Université Grenoble Alpes, Septembre 2018 (François Charoy, rapporteur)

  • Guillaume Garzone, PhD, Université de Toulouse, Novembre 2018 (François Charoy, rapporteur)

  • Audrey Fertier, PhD,IMT Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, Novembre 2018 (François Charoy, rapporteur)

  • Yacine Abboud, PhD, Université de Lorraine, Novembre 2018 (François Charoy, examinateur)

  • Teuku Aulia Geumpana, PhD, University of New South Wales, December 2018 (François Charoy, rapporteur)